Teeth Extractions

All the Routine and Wisdom tooth extractions are performed with special care by highly experienced ORAL SURGEONS under strict standard of hygiene and sterilization.

Extraction of teeth is the most common form of minor oral surgical procedure performed in the clinic. There are many indications for extraction of teeth such as Fractured /carious/broken down teeth or Impacted painful third molars(wisdom teeth).

What is an impacted tooth?

A tooth becomes impacted when there is lack of space in the dental arch and its growth and eruption are prevented by overlying gum, bone or another tooth.

How serious is an Impacted Tooth ?

Impacted teeth can be painful and lead to infection. They may also crowd or damage adjacent teeth or roots.

The surgery thus needed to remove impacted teeth may vary according to the position of the teeth.

What To Expect After Surgery?

In most cases, the recovery period lasts only a few days. Take painkillers and other medication as prescribed


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